Our mission is to empower survivors of modern slavery

So far we have helped thousands of individuals and families who have experienced modern slavery and human trafficking.

Their Voice is an organisation founded on care and compassion. We work with survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery in the UK to help rebuild their lives and heal from their trauma. 

Our services are tailored to the needs of each individual, providing practical items like clothing and toiletries, to help securing a job or a place to live, while our regular counselling sessions offer a safe space to rediscover their voice. We passionately believe in the dignity and worth of every individual and provide essential practical gifts which are not provided through other sources.

We are working in partnership with other agencies and NGOs (non-government organisations), to raise awareness of the different forms of modern slavery.

We are avidly standing by those who are vulnerable in our society to allow their voice to be heard and help them to have some of their needs met.

Our story

‘Their Voice’ is a UK based charity that was started in 2015 by a social worker named Carolyn volunteering in a safe house for families who had been rescued from human trafficking and modern day slavery.

Coming alongside these women, we could see the need for them to feel valued and supported.

We started to make our gift-wrapped baskets of essential toiletries and these were left in the safe house bedrooms together with a hand-written card of welcome and encouragement.

We identified the basic practical necessities for birth and motherhood for these women, who were heavily pregnant and recently rescued from sexual exploitation. Hence a hospital bag and a gift-wrapped baby basket of essentials was provided.

In addition, we are now provide children’s packs. This consists of a rucksack filled with age related toys, books and stationery. These are given to every child who arrives at the safe house.

Our work has expanded over time and we use case workers to support many families in the community.

So far we have helped thousands of individuals and families who have experienced modern slavery and human trafficking.

Survivor Stories

Faith’s story

The sudden death of Faith's husband left her alone to support four children in Africa. She was offered a domestic assistant role in the UK, but upon arrival her passport was taken and she was beaten, starved and worked long hours without pay. Read Faith's story of reconnecting with her children after years of domestic servitude.

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How you can help

As a regulated charity we depend on the generous support and donations from amazing people and businesses like you. Whether it is providing baby items, toiletries, pre-loved items, household goods, funds to provide for our workshops, and much more we are truly grateful. 

How you can help