In addition to our practical service, we will also provide health and wellness workshops to women in a safe house.

Mothers are offered a regulated creche facility, which is provided free of charge. This service offers advantages to the children who often live insular lives with their mothers.

The creche gives the child an opportunity for interaction with other children, improve and develop their speech skills, build self-confidence, play age appropriate activities, with age appropriate toys in a safe environment. 

Some of the topics covered during this 10-week empowerment course are:

  Baby weaning (lead by a pediatric dietitian)
   Child dental care (given by a qualified dentist)
•   Baby first aid
•   Child foot care and parenting skills.

By providing this education, we can help to ensure that mothers have the knowledge and resources they need to provide the best possible care for their babies.

The Empowerment Programme also focuses on group activities, offering shared laughter and enjoyment, bringing relief from anxieties, stress and trauma. Creative activities like the collage of identity, painting, poetry, are used as an outlet of trauma and are used as an alternate form of communication. Our aim is to build a sense of hope about what is possible about the future and equipping them for life beyond the safehouse.

Research has shown that immediate support for freed survivors of slavery is crucial as many are vulnerable and traumatized by their experience. This can make modern slavery survivors one of the most marginalized people, potentially existing in poverty and isolation. Some maybe living in an unfamiliar country with a different culture and are consequently exposed to overwhelming negativity.

Some struggle with mental health issues, lack of self-worth, low confidence, unbearable loneliness and despair, all of which has an impact on their children.

Some of the women we support have become pregnant due to their forced sexual exploitation; they may not have a family network of support, have difficulty in trusting others and are frightened of what the future holds for themselves and their baby.

We create a warm, nonjudgmental environment at the workshops, where women feel empowered to talk and engage with others and where the topics we cover are client led.

When identified, we are able to signpost the women and children to other organisations to help support their individual needs. 

The following quotes are feedback we had from beneficiaries who have participated in the workshops: 

“I had many questions about my baby and food you helped me understand what I had to do.”

“I like to help my baby more you teach me much.”

“It helps me forget my stress and feel good about myself.” 

“We laugh and joke more here – it’s more relaxed, like a family.” 

By providing this support to the survivors at our workshops we are enabling people to improve their overall health and mental wellbeing, equipping them with life skills for their life beyond the safe house. 

How you can help

As a regulated charity we depend on the generous support and donations from amazing people and businesses like you. Whether it is providing baby items, toiletries, pre-loved items, household goods, funds to provide for our workshops, and much more we are truly grateful. 

How you can help